Stephen Dorian Miner Event Photography Professional, Photojournalist, Rock n’ Roll Photographer

About Stephen Dorian Miner

Stephen has been a constantly growing and enduring force in the world of photography since the early 1990s. Always known as a self-starter, Stephen quickly progressed from a self-assigned photographer on Grateful Dead tour to working for Dead fanzines, to a staff photographer for Bill Graham Presents.

Never one to leave a project unfinished, Stephen returned to his studies and earned a degree in photojournalism from San Francisco State University in 2003. The combination of his field and academic work refined his vision, enhanced his skills, and assisted in moving his career forward while diversifying his work.



Now a successful event photographer, Stephen continues to impress clients with his knack for visual storytelling and well-arranged candid pictures. Always known for his hustle, and intuitiveness, Stephen thrives on the big stage and always lives up to the challenges presented to him. The aggressive nature of news photography has bolstered his passion to get the best pictures possible and he always digs to any assignment to come away with the best possible result for his client.

Stephen has lent his talents and passion for photojournalism to several news agencies, publications and Web sites and currently freelances for United Press International, among others.

The focus here is on Stephen’s more recent work, but there are a few old gems that will show up from time to time. So please stick around for a bit if you can and come back and visit anytime.

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“Working with Stephen at SES San Francisco was a pleasure. The professionalism and dedication exhibited exceeded our expectations and the quality of work was beyond what we are used to. Always where he needed to be and highly responsive, I look forward to working with Stephen Dorian Miner in the future.” Sean O’Connell, SEO-PR.

“I highly recommend Stephen. He is totally easy going and creative. He made me feel comfortable and has a good eye for capturing moments. I’m looking forward to our next collaboration.” – Mercedes

“Stephen Dorian Miner (who doesn’t love that middle name?!) is a person who could turn any experience into a moment of a thousand words. Whether he is photographing a sports event, a business lecture or a beautiful model in latex, he can capture an emotion that could speak to anyone. His true talents have been known throughout the San Francisco area, and I have a feeling that he’s going to capture some more amazing moments as time goes on. Not only is he a universal treasure, he is also a down-to-earth, friendly person. No ego here. In my opinion, your soul has to be as beautiful for you to photograph stunning work. This one, my future friends, is the real deal.” – Mrs. Smith


Summary: Passionate, hands on photojournalism media professional, constantly adapting to the ever-changing world of visual presentation. Utilizes a combination of traditional and contemporary resources to create striking images that tell stories, with impact.


• Professionally trained photojournalist with field and newsroom experience.
• Adobe Creative Suite applications: Acrobat, Bridge, GoLive, InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.
• Extensive utilization of Associated Press style for editing and copy-editing. Typing speed: 65 WPM.
• Cross platform computer experience with both Macintosh and Windows operating systems.
• Microsoft Office Suite applications: Excel, Outlook, Power Point and Word.
• Social Media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter.
• Online advertising/publishing platforms including: Atlas, DART and Google.
• Web/Development applications including: CSS, Drupal, Fetch, HTML5 and WordPress

Professional Experience

S.D.M. Photography – February 1996 to present San Francisco, CA
Freelance Photographer
Perform assignment photography and provide custom photographic services. Apply creativity and consistency for quality finished product tailored to client needs.
• Built and maintained traditional darkroom.
• Grew client base of private clients and news organizations.
• Self published photography book, Train The Early Years.

VH1/Viacom Networks – June to September 2012 (contract) San Francisco, CA
Image Contributor/Editor for VH1 Behind the Music: Train
Edited original film, proofs and prints. Scanned and processed images, and delivered digital files according to production specs.
• Network licensed 24 images for use in internationally aired broadcast.

KaloBios, Inc. – June to July 2010 (contract) San Francisco, CA
Production Assistant
Edited and produced documents according to strict style guidelines for Bio-Tech company’s proposal.
• Built comprehensive presentation binders including processed documents and third party media for company’s submission to the Federal Government.

Weather Underground – December 2006 to May 2009 San Francisco, CA
Media Coordinator
Prepared RFPs and IOs. Prepared, edited and maintained marketing materials. Placed, edited and uploaded clients’ creatives using Web tools through proprietary and 3rd party ad servers.
• Monitored and adjusted clients’ campaign performances to maximize revenues.
• Created traditional filing system to track requests and identify clients’ follow-up needs.
• Updated digital database system to ease billing and match clients with services.

United Press International – August 2006 to January 2009 San Francisco, CA
Freelance Photojournalist
Performed assignments covering events, news and sports. Edited, processed and uploaded images with metadata to engage editors and picture buyers with news impact and image quality.
• Entrusted to meet ‘in event’ deadlines, taking pictures while filing/uploading.
• Self-assigned and gained access to photograph celebrity appearance that led to increased sales.

Fog City Journal – November 2005 to December 2008 San Francisco, CA
Freelance Photojournalist
Performed photography assignments covering local news and events for Web based daily publication.
• Self-generated stories for news impact and relevancy to San Francisco.
• Created feature pictures with interest to local readers, increasing page views.

The Reporter – September 2003 to October 2005 San Francisco, CA
Photojournalist/Editorial Assistant
Performed photography assignments covering news, events and sports for bilingual newspaper. Assisted editor with copy writing, copy-editing and publication production.
• Spearheaded re-design and layout changes to maximize clear, effective news presentation.
• Developed regular sports page, increasing readership and advertising revenue.

Golden Gate [X]Press – August to December 2002 (academic position) San Francisco, CA
Photo Editor
Managed and mentored team of four student photographers while also performing assignments for campus publication.
• Assisted editorial team with copy-editing, design and production to meet deadlines.
• Solicited and obtained additional department funds to upgrade computers and streamline production.

Bill Graham Presents – October 1993 to December 1998 San Francisco, CA
House photographer/Photo Archivist. Photographed promoter’s live performances, shooting more than 50 shows a year.
• Spearheaded complete re-organization of promoter’s extensive photography archives.

Faulkner Color Lab, Inc. – September 1993 to April 1996 San Francisco, CA
Custom color printer. Provided custom traditional darkroom printing and color correction of Type “C” & Type “R” prints for professional lab using various processing equipment in a production environment.

Relix Magazine – September 1992 to June 2006 San Francisco, CA
Contributing/Staff photographer. Provided appropriate images from stock files, performed assignment photography of musicians and live performances.
• Garnered access to special music event that the magazine had previously been denied clearance to photograph.


San Francisco State University – August 2001 to June 2003 San Francisco, CA
Enrolled in journalism and general education classes.
• National Press Photographers Foundation Joseph Erenreich Memorial Photojournalism Scholarship from the New York Times – 2002.
• SF State Golden Gate [X]press newspaper awards for Best Photo Story: “Baseball, Gator Style” – and “Gladiator Photographer” for Outstanding Service – Spring 2002.
• Served as Photo Editor for campus newspaper – Fall 2002.
• Bachelor of Arts in journalism – June 2003.

City College of San Francisco – August 2000 to May 2001 San Francisco, CA
Enrolled in general education classes.
• Successfully lobbied instructors for limited student use of source materials during exams.
• Usefully and effectively used units to qualify for CSU education system and general education requirements.

Vocational/Self – March 2013 to present San Francisco, CA
Ongoing studies of response Web design applications including WordPress and related supportive applications including HTML 5 and CSS. Utilized similar resources to learn social media and social media marketing.
• Utilizing eBooks, webinars and online resources, to enhance learning and use of applications.
• Gaining knowledge through test settings on potentials and applications of effective uses of social media.

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