Stephen Miner embarks on first photo book – Launches Kickstarter campaign

San Francisco
November 20, 2019

After a protracted decision making process and a LOT of help from some friends, Stephen Dorian Miner’s upcoming photo book has a title.

Following The Golden Road | A Visual Tour With The Grateful Dead.

The coffee-table-style book – Stephen’s first – will feature more than 250 images over 200 pages showcasing the photos he shot while on Grateful Dead tour in the late 80s through 1995.

Steering in a slightly different direction, Stephen’s first book, will feature pictures documenting tour ‘life.’ Hallways, parking lots and venues across the country; the various aspects of Deadheads living that life, and lifestyle, on tour will be the focal point of the book. In this case, although they will be present, his live photos of the band will take a ‘backseat.’

The idea, first stirred more than two decades ago, pretty much sat on the ‘back burner,’ resurfacing often, but never materializing. Finally, earlier in 2019, Stephen ‘tested the waters,’ printing a small number of sample ‘mini-books’ to gauge interest.

“The response was so overwhelming!” says Stephen. “People eye’s lit up.”

Truly re-inspired, Stephen dove every deeper in to his photo archives from his tour days, pouring through thousands of images. Every negative, every slide, every proof sheet was re-evaluated and, of course, fondly remembered as he made his selections.

Stephen followed in the path of his colleagues, fellow Grateful Dead photographers, and has chosen Kickstarter to help fund this massive undertaking. As well, he utilized their experience and resources to assemble a top-tier team of professionals to help produce the book.

If funding is successful, Stephen hopes to have the book back from the printer and ready to send to contributors by May, 2020.

Kickstarter Links: (note, different title. Due to character limits in Kickstarter fields)

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