Original Train drummer to join Paynbirds

by Stephen Dorian Miner

It’s official. Drummer Scott Underwood will be joining his former Train band mates Charlie Colin and Rob Hotchkiss on their current collaboration Paynbirds. While the band enjoyed a successful public debut at Mill Valley’s Sweetwater Music Hall May 3, percussion was missing from the mix.

Train drummer Scott Underwood performs at the Tractor Tavern in Seattle, May 14, 1998.

So Underwood coming on board seems a perfect fit and three of Train’s co-founders will be reunited on stage for a show in Southern California June 20. The Sweetwater show seemed a smashing success, with Colin and Hotchkiss, joined by Tom Luce, wowing the near sold-out audience with an hour-plus set comprised of Train classics, covers, a few of Luce’s songs and several new compositions the trio wrote together.

sweetwater_5.3.15_1171 copy

While long since removed from Train, both Colin and Hotchkiss seemed totally at home sharing the stage together. The two joked and jawed at each other and never mentioned any controversies that may have caused their parting ways with the Grammy winning band they helped form in the 1990s.

sweetwater_5.3.15_0105 copy

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While a work in progress, the band seemed comfortable and relaxed and to take their new project in stride while hoping to grow on an obvious momentum created by their first chance to shine in public. With more new songs in the works and Underwood on board, they’ve generated some buzz with fans, which should carry forward and lead to lots of attention, and potential success.

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