So the Grateful Dead turn 50 and we are supposed to…

…I don’t quite know, except three shows, not enough.

Central location? Good. Sizeable venue? Good. On the other hand…ticket prices? Not good. Enough shows to capacitate demand? No, not even fucking close.

While all this back-and-forth about the musician lineup is admirable and understandable, so is the lineup. Besides the core four,’ what are they supposed to do?

Phil Lesh, bassist for the Grateful Dead performs at the Oakland Coliseum, February 26, 1995.  Photo by Stephen Dorian Miner


Practically dictates that the choices they made are solid. Bruce Hornsby has a long history with the band. Jeff Chimenti has manned the keys for many Grateful Dead ‘off shoots.’ And as much as it seems as many Deadheads hate Trey Anastasio of Phish as love him, he is a pretty ‘wise’ choice.


There are plenty of guitarists out there who could have filled – in this context anyway – the late Jerry Garcia’s ‘shoes,’ how many have sat in with these guys? A lot! And how many have vocal ‘chops’ to make it work? Not many. So Anastasio is a logical choice.

I’m not ‘siding’ one way or another, but I think this will work. I will reserve comment until I see first hand. But I’m OK with what they’re putting out there. They are who they are. And to a certain extent, we wouldn’t be if it weren’t for them. Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and see how it goes.

Worse comes to worst, we can still trash the parking lot, hotel rooms and the like and live up to our reputation. Right?! Lol!

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