First tale of the Postseason

Overheard on Muni, San Francisco, September 30, 2014

giants_11.3.10_0242 copy

On the bus, cute blonde wearing a Giants shirt gets on.  She’s got earbuds in so I wasn’t going to say anything even though the Giants were up 5-0 over the Pirates in the Wild Card game.  But noticed she had MLB At-Bat on her iPhone screen, so had to say something, so merely mouthed “outstanding.”

She took the earbuds out and of course we started jawing on how amazing a game it had been.  How it was 0-0 going into the fourth.  How Brandon Crawford hit a grand slam and it was the first-ever grand slam by a shortstop in the postseason.  Then the Giants got another hit and scored two more to make it 7-0.

I had the game on with no earbuds – can’t stand the things – and like to share anyway.  As Kristin – who she eventually would introduce herself as – and I listened together, driver asked me the score.  I said “7-0 Giants.”  He gave a loud “YES” type of ‘cheer’ and thanked me.

Kristin and I continued to listen together as I looked up the box score to see Madison Bumgarner’s line.  I said to her “three hits, one walk, no runs and 8 strikeouts.”  She was like, “wow.”  I answered back “fucking stud!”

We made our introductions as I got up to get off the bus.  As started to walk off, I looked back at her, crossed my fingers and said, “hope for a game on Friday, and we’re in it.”  Kristin said simultaneously – “and the Giants are playing.”

I did as I traditionally do, and got off at the front – I like to thank the driver – and said “thank you” as I walked by him.  He said, “no thank you for sharing that!”  I turned around and gave a fist pump as I got off and went down the block, practically skipping home.

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