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UPDATED, October 7, 2014.

Again, my thanks to ALL for their support.  Still hurting, kind of re-building and still could use help.  So whatever, little or big or anything in between would be appreciated.  I am able to do my job, basically, but with security – backups, etc.  So again PayPal

And the Go Fund Me link:  Or via

UPDATED, October 1, 2014.

Thank you to ALL who have offered their support.  Whether it be financial, emotional or spiritual, I am deeply Grateful!  Not out of the woods yet, but every little bit helps – to the point where I was able to do a shoot last Saturday.  Had to ‘cut and paste,’ with what the thieves missed and some fill-ins – but despite not being at full capacity – was still able to perform.  Please keep it coming, every little bit helps.  Re-building.  Thanks again!

As you know, I am not one to be the ‘bleeding heart’ type via social media, but had to share since I need to reach out for help. I won’t go into all the details, but recently had a horrible incident where my camera equipment was stolen.

I was so close to getting the guy, but he had a getaway car and they took off.  Even as fast I was chasing the vehicle, I could not get a clear plate number.

I was somewhat fortunate – he dropped a couple pieces running away from me – although it’s questionable whether either will be functional again.  As well, they discarded one of the bags down the street.  So I was able to recover a couple items, but they made off with the ‘good stuff.’

Nikon D2XS – gone

Two Nikon SB-800 flashes – gone

Nikon 17-55/2.8 – gone

Lumedyne Mini-Cycler – damaged beyond repair, I think.

Never mind the $150 Think Tank camera bag, two $100+ batteries, accessories and nearly a dozen flash cards, amongst other items in the bag.  All told, about $5,000 to replace everything.  Oh, and I can’t really do my job either – already lost the shoot I was prepping for.

So if anyone can lend assistance, it would be greatly appreciated.  Whether you want to buy prints, books or make a donation.  And of course kind words are always appreciated.  And photo colleagues – if you have any Nikon gear I could use while I try to finance replacements, I would greatly appreciate any loaners.

Again, my apologies for having to put this out there but I need to get back to work.  If able to donate, folks can use PayPal address

Or via

Any and all help is appreciated!  Thank you, one and all!

Stephen Dorian Miner


D2XS SB-800 17-55/2.8




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