Lucas takes museum to Chicago

Stephen Dorian Miner Event Photography Professional, Photojournalist, Rock n’ Roll Photographer


San Francisco, June 24, 2014

Star Wars creator George Lucas has chosen Chicago to host his collection of memorabilia and Americana art. Valued at $1 billion, Lucas’ first choice was San Francisco, but the iconic film maker’s proposal to build the museum in the Presidio near Crissy Field was shot down by the park’s trust. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the city also tried to keep the project in town, trying to utilizing a spot on the Embarcadero near the Giants’ AT&T Park, which neighbors allegedly soundly rejected. All seems too little too late as Lucas settled on Chicago’s lakefront museum campus despite his ties to San Francisco and the Bay Area, which houses his Letterman Digital Arts Center among other facilities under the Lucasfilm umbrella.

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